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5 janvier 2010 2 05 /01 /janvier /2010 00:47

Good evening Alex or day ***

 What a pitty there's no instant messenger here, as on Myspace, to tell u when your contacts are also, as u, connected ***

How do u do ?

You're bloody blessed in fertility with so many children !!! Yes, i'm always interested in discovering others lifes so, yes, tell me more about yours ***

 Diam's last album is called "S.o.s.", the last track:" If it was the last" is my favorite, i recognize deeply in it, i cried & cried, & still do when listening to it ... The melody is also so deep & emotionnal ...

She explains she went through depressions, especially after having knowned real high succes *** Shrinks were "bastards", happy they were, she was so low, jealous when she was making people jump on stage ...

She were alone, gone away all the success's friends, she told herself, she got to rise for her mother, & those who loved her songs, & those who were the real friends of ever, wathever her mood... She was told she wasn't normal, just creazy, cause to nice, too good....

All the 14 songs are wonderfull, great lyrics, i like also the fact she says medias are "fucking bastards", wanting more & always more from her private life, she first gave, & then gave a shoot right in their face !!!

She says she's always smiling even when she's in the high fight ***

I love the respect for her mother, who rised her alone, she has, the understanding for youth lost with parents lost in drinking or playing all their money at poker ... She knows how to watch people around...

She is really Wise, Beautyfull, Brave & so Generous, a Great Woman ***

 Have you seen the last video of Rich' and heard his last single: "The journey", against prostitution on youtube ?


 Money will go to Helen Bamber's Foundation ***


Great ASH' always so Human, fighting against horror of our Times now ***

Read u & write u later Alex ***

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