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18 novembre 2009 3 18 /11 /novembre /2009 00:28

Lil' Wayne & His Teeth So Brillant .... The Bling-Bling Attraction, Money Power, Succes Tools & Out uccess Symbols ...

Yeah You're Rocky (Rich's official Website...) So Right ...**************************

Time is Mooving So Fast.... A New Humanity Will Appear Soon & Some Soul Will Disappear,  If They Don't Evoluate Fast Enough ....******************************************

As "The The" Group/Band Sings It: "Armagedon's Days Are Here Again..." or R.

Emmanuel Wrote it, in a book named in french:

 "Réconciliation avec la Vie", We Have No Time,

We have to Evoluate So fast... Not To Die/Disappear ...*******************************************************************************************

But It's Cool to Talk Clearly as You Do, maybe A Bit Roughly, To Real Touch,

The Spirit In front of You ******************************************************

To Make It Moove, Act, React ....***************

That's it ********************************************

Sometimes  The Appearences are Real Like The Insid Part of The Person,  Not Only An Image, False ....*******************************************

Then You Right Know At first Sight, If It's What You Search, Respect, Look Forward To,

Or Absolutly The Opposite, You Just Have To Bump Into ... *******************************************************

Thanks To Those Who Appears exactly As They Are Inside:

They Allow A Great Gain of Time ....******************************************

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