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21 mars 2011 1 21 /03 /mars /2011 10:40
In which nice time we're living §
 Report at the middle, the ironic middle really felt, by Isis at dawn e its 35 years.
Solar energy of 33 years, or Jesus's landed temporal term, as well as on the return to Saturn in its astral initial position at about 28 years. Already  begun at the said age, she put one more time her glance softened on the habits and customs of her contemporaries, as well as on the progress of her own weft of existence.
Following the example of what had fervently expressed him(her) Gaetan, her lover of short period, rather angelic nevertheless, and this good(property) that it then broke her the burst of emotion, the History would be a very fascinating subject of study. To know what has been  the Past would allow, by the repetition of cyclic events, to anticipate, in the present, a likely future.
She, more than in the mélés fates of a whole Humanity, wondered already with a certain perplexity, on the imbricated developments and rather complex, bound(connected) to acts and events connected(bound) with her own Fate...
And on this subject
 It seemed to her good, that the knowledge of Past could very logically, to light(enlighten) avenues comments-crossings.
To date more particularly, the Amur questioned him(it)... Why did it seem to her in our time(period), so difficult to meet, to establish then to like in a significant duration, a harmonious relation, based on the true and constructive exchange, as well as a fair division(sharing) of the responsibilities inherent to any existence, without forgetting that of the resources that they are subtly internal or more prosaically material?
Why did it seem to him(her) that his congeners and maybe indeed she even, aspired only to the peace of the spirit, which would put into verse with independence, main non-commitment, concerns(marigolds) of itself, sat(based) above all financier by the first pleasant establishment of a "career"("quarry"), an essential search(research) for time(weather), flight(leak) in front of what could êtr perceived(collected) to border on the complicated, on the penalty, on the effort?
Why it seemed to him(her) that his(her,its) world
Why did it seem to him(her) that its world, our world, so stressed the material(subject), the égo and the superfluous?
Why did not she(it) even adhere(did not subscribe) or more, in all these manifestly dominant values, which(who) fed her(it) hardly, just like for what she would have hoped?
Because finally, she remembered well, in the alenours of her 18 years, to have dreamed, as well as she announced it to his father, whom she assaulted certainly then quelquepart, to want to gain(win) a lot of money, and actually, not to want to become as him, "simple"; state employee.
Because it is what it had become, assuming so regularly its life, having had too fabulous failed youth dreams, in particular that to become a fashion designer(a dressmaker).
Because Octave, his father, her realized him(it) after her vindication and will of demarcation, was a man who liked the elegance, not only visual, by concerned garment,
but also the interior design, structures him(it) of intimate living spaces, and of so relatively
In the verbal, linguistic, oral aspect as long as write, things.
Winged, air as well as hurt was indeed his(her,its) word. The women seemed enchanted, everything of least hardly charmed, by the long and learned speeches of this father for whom she(it) had fed up to here rather ambivalent feelings.
The Amur and Hatred mélés quite as in desination of Aimée, his(her) liked grandmother, who had him(it), if she had attended well the class(course) of broadcasts concerning the génèse of her life, raised(brought up) from his(her,its) second year of engaged(started) life.
However it seemed to him(her) good not to have to feel guilty for of such felt, because the Psychology, because she(it) knew in small part(party), to be, following the example of many women, she thought, particularly concerned this subject, and concerning her(it), at least subscribed to a magazine, and the only one:
" today Psychology "; the psychology thus, exonerated her(it) partially, letting listen to whom indeed wanted to hear(understand) him(it) (or read it) that every child would try(feel)
Would try(feel) towards his(her) relatives(parents), such feelings.
Membership, acceptance of a specific inheritance and at the same time need to evolve, to differ, to assert itself in the resistance as well as a certain shape of rebellion...
 However Eros and Thanatos, strange and dark couple, accompanied him(it) throughout his whole life.
 Because indeed, to go in the heart of the knot which enclosed its existence, because the life of Isis, it is necessary to say it,
had never presented a character of simplicity and transparency, without veiling what for her established(constituted) quelquepart a certain horror, it is a question of announcing here very clearly the color:
she(it) had certainly been conceived, but was not wished by this father nevertheless if pregnant and expensively in its psyche and in its heart...
This strange departure of existence, her learnt him(it), it seemed to him(her) to remember itself, of Aimée, and be that as it may it had been delivered to its knowledge and consciousness, the fact that a "friend" of her parental couple, or of his only father, she remembered hardly very exactly, nurse she believed at any rate to remember,
everything at least working in the hospital, had practised on her mother an illegal abortion (we are in 1971), Simone Weil having intervened in favour of the women only in 1975, at any rate craft(home-made) and de facto act, particlièrement "barbarian"...
Knitting needles had been, seemed to him(her) t-il to remember itself, used, and this particularly striking and striking pronounced sentence: " you hung on(collided)... "
 (A part is lacking here, to be continued soon or later ...)
Internet was in his eyes a wonderful tool. So much information within reach mouse and lounge(show), and especially so many beings with whom " virtual world " could allow him(her) to be so easily bound as him(it) was it to make a simple "click"...
All these souls which she could potentially cross, and which her really beaten roads, would have allowed him(her) maybe never to meet, if only by the geographical estrangement...
It for her established(constituted) a precious and wonderful link. Did God begin to interfere within the Humanity?
Indeed, according to Isis, the omnipresence seemed to be outlined with the aid of Web. An example which occured him(her) more certainly than any other one: newsgroups.
He(It) was, in his(her,its) time(period), possible, to put and spread(broadcast) a question, to which the very numerous answers could be brought from then on.
Moving of the finger the global nature of the possibly concerned facets. Everyone having a whit of truth, could express him(it) and so the stone in a tremendous and gigantic building to bring.
In the same order of idea, the omnipresence by the painting(cloth), also seemed to be outlined. Indeed, all the ground continents tended to equip themselves by computer and to join, to be so connected in the rest of the Humanity.

However his(her,its) spirit from then on darkens, because indeed, to this end, it was necessary the means! And everyone, regrettably, in the big regrettably, had not it.
It established(constituted) for Isis, a profound interrogation:
Why was the disparity of subsistence so so hurtful one and very present reality?
Why to act in the material(subject), where our our souls would be as quasiement stuck, was it necessary, nine times on ten, at any rate, certainly, very fréquement, of crossing(spending) it by the money(silver)?
And why did not every being have it almost inevitably enough, to be able to, really, of all the benefactions of the existence and the more global and technological evolution, to take advantage?
Why for the great majority did the work establish(did constitute) the main source(spring) of an income, allowing to come true?
Why was the necessary training(formation) allowing to reach such or such job(business) so difficult to envisage, done so mark out, so codify?

Why some people could effectively, to pursue of brilliant and very selective studies, opening the access to fascinating activities, often very well paid, while the others prematurely had to give up it, and see itself directed, or by them go even, to ways said about garage, leading mostly to the nothingness or to the youngs
 or to the tiring, little gratifying, sub-qualified casual jobs(small works), within which they were very often exploited(run), badly treated, not being able to even, with all these frustrations, console, compansant by the fact and the idea to be paid well at least!
Why did we seem to live in a treated on a hierarchical basis company(society) of pyramidal type(chap), with there its base a gigantic mass of individuals "having a hard time" to survive or live, and in his(her,its) extremity, a quite small elite (or oligarchy for lack of democracy), on well-to-do more than favored?
With the idea, that to rise, it was necessary to toil, knowing, of surccroît, that every element of bottom(stocking) could not reach the superior floors, because of the shrinkage inherent to the pyramidal shape...
Shrinkage of the space and thus the places!
But why devil this fight(wrestling) of places?
What really, seriously, legitimized this notion of "social" scale(ladder)?

What proved, seriously, that some people live and even very well, when the others survive with difficulty, and still...
Without counting, and rather forgetting, that many are not entitled almost even to this life, being born in underdeveloped said countries, where their relatives(parents), for some particularly too miserable, abandon(give up) them, when they do not kill them downright!!!
To be continued the website translating freely doesn't allow it a too long time in a time .... !
Money King always ***

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