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23 septembre 2009 3 23 /09 /septembre /2009 00:28
What a strange thing: KARMA...************
What could we have done, to deserve some terrible(?s) things in our today life... ?************
Why some are suffering so much, even when they so nice and sweet are ?...************* What have we done to deserve such high great(s?) moments in our actual existence ?**************   Have we chosen our parents, our country, our familly and all what comes with ?************* Is it possible to change, when you're under so many heavy things ? Is it possible to stay in the "right" direction, when everything seem allright. ?...**********************
Why were we born for ?, what is Truth ?, what is important ?, what is not ? What should we fight against ? Or should we just "accept" and let go ?************************* Why our kids sometimes suffer, as we just want them to be happy, happier than we were, than we are ?*****
Why so many differences between human beeings ?.... ****************Is that fair ? Do we really reap what we sow ? Or lives are just what we made them, and question of coincidences ? *************** When will we have REAL ANSWERS or THE ONLY ANSWER ???

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