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22 octobre 2006 7 22 /10 /octobre /2006 23:38

Ryan Gosling et Rachel McAdams. Metropolitan FilmExport

Rachel McAdams et Ryan Gosling. Metropolitan FilmExport

Rachel McAdams et Ryan Gosling. Metropolitan FilmExport

Rachel McAdams et Ryan Gosling. Metropolitan FilmExport

Metropolitan FilmExport

Rachel McAdams. Metropolitan FilmExport


HI §

I've discovered Ryan Gosling as an actor, in the Great and Phenomenal film: "Stay&quot" in 2006 (Marc Forster).

I've been impressed by his beauty and way of acting his character.

So, i took some informations about him, and what he'd done before.

Then i watched "The Note Book"...


I am a sensitive person, then i've been really touched by this wonderfull love story, about these real and huge passions, we do not observe very often nowadays, cause Love, real Love, disappeared, and have been turned into sex-affairs, with a lot of selfishness, low feelings, motivated by security, what each can take from the other, and not much concerned by sharing everything, or what is important.


This story, really makes me cry, and cry again, and again, just because of the Powerfull Beauty of the Love, between Allie and ... i forgot the name of Ryan Gosling's character... Oh yes: "Noah". It's deep and high in the same time. It really turns me on.  And the LOVE SCENE, especially, what was cuted, is so... INTENSE, and really shows that LOVE and SEX all together are WONDERFULL and really make people shinning, for the good of everyone around...

Ryan Gosling et Rachel McAdams. Metropolitan FilmExport



Ryan Gosling met his girlfriend, Rachel Mc Adams (Allie) during this film.

And really, this actress in that film is Wonderfull, really beautifull, full of energie, shinning, and also strong, and i can't imagine that there is not a destiny for each soul on the earth.

They were born to be earthly lovers, as Matt Johnson, who leaded "The The" group, said in one of his marvellous song: "GRAVITATE TO ME", in the "MIND BOMB" album:




And we should wish them an Eternel Love, as the one they played in  "The Note Book".

God bless them, God bless everyone on the earth, and may each soul, reach the one he deserved, to be peacefull, in great Love and deeply fine...  

Ryan Gosling et Rachel McAdams. Metropolitan FilmExport

 *** Only LOVE ***

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Non-plagiarised Dissertation 21/06/2010 08:16

Non-plagiarised DissertationAwesome tips. I’ll be passing this post on for sure

saroso 01/07/2007 17:19

wawbon tout dabore je veux dire que cé un film ou non c pas un film c'est une marveille c de l'or waw j'ai a doré c beux é romantique c magique comment deux personne peuvent s'aimé de cette magniére c bien é beux voila


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