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11 décembre 2009 5 11 /12 /décembre /2009 18:01
a warm hello.

thanks for posting yoda - and what's going on?

Earth's planetary ascension in which we all have the divine op to transmute the 3D world of pain, suffering, greed, competition and low negative fear-based emotion and thinking (draconian era - be done!)

into the crystalline golden age of en-lighterment (finally! don't know about you

 but I AM So ready for the Shift!!)

HEART CENTRED peace-filled, harmonious, unconditionally loving, cooperative 5th light world.

Richard, sound master & maestro, and Kate, we need ya here, to write a New Now Symphony and usher this transitioning collective consciousness into our Higher Christed Light Body vibration for us all.

Pls compose it. (oh, and perform it 10:1
Pls as

 As Mary and Yvonne have just said from their lovely heartsouls, We all want to pull this off! It's never been done before

So Richard, pls create your unique magic - for our human world needs all the upliftin

You're the musical core catalyst guy (no ego about it) - you just simply are.

We truly know it, surely you do t

Peace and blessings, oh, and no pre
 Ease and Grace and Divine Song all the Wa

Thanks for creating this space to share...


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