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27 octobre 2009 2 27 /10 /octobre /2009 23:28






Me dancing at night on october the 19 of 2009 ***

Me dancing on Billy Idol's songs

me dancing on "Hot in the City" Billy Idol the 19 ocobre 2009

I just have written a long message, which been DELATEd .....

I'm SO ANGRY ***


An "ELEVEN" FOR Karmical Numerology and Astrology ****

Your "NORTH Noddle" is in the Aquarius sign, whom qualities you have to increase:

It's your "Mission" and "Oath", here Down on our so Material and Creazy World ***

Aquarius is:

Solidarity, Fraternity, Friendship, Huge Communication, as Internet already allows it, Between our level, low, down and 'Superiors areas", Politic, Electricity, Electronic,Freedom of the Great Masses, out of their Chains, allowing the Less Numerical Men, educated, richs, connected, powerfull, egotic(s ?al(s) ?)), low wised brained, in the Shadow of Devil or Darkness of our so Brightfull World in the other hand, to contain as Great Slaves, suffering so much, to stay in the Hands of of the less numerical men, dealing our World, we just can Wonder why, so low minded, and Spiritual souled, they are ***

We just have Richard, to work all together hand in hands, to make all those Greats values, to "Explose" right in the faces of those who Sadly choosed (Cause we're just Free to decide in which Path, we want to walk with Great Determination...) the dark Side of The Moon ... ***

All the 1971's born babies or 1970's ones, nine years before or after, those who have also their "North Nodddle" in the "eleventieth part" (or "house") of their Natal karmical Cards, also have this very same Aim, and we all have one, not one beeing superior to the others...

So your such a Human Man, not so strange you sang Wonderfull " Humam Condition" ***

1971's born babies, also are "Pigs" for The Chineese Astrology ***

And this one, says "Pigs " are So Very Good persons.... So Human....

But also Suffering too much, although they don't even deserve it at all ....

They're good at Arts, playing Theatre to their very good friends, they're calms/Quiets/Confidents with ***

They're good, but can also be so Rough, when discovering some thought they were fools, stupids, cause too "Goods" ***

They can then turn into real "Furies" ***

Happy you met these also others 1971's babies, like Peter Salisbury, i DO LOVE SO MUCH ALSO, wishing i could learn how to play drumms one coming very soon days ...

Let's act all together to realize what the "Superiors Intelligences" have decide, for the Real Huge "Resurection" ... ***

Let's be confident, and let be driven to what has to be .... For the Good of Everybody ***

I LOVE YOU RICHARD, as I DO LOVE ALSO all those Great Artists of our century, as Matt Johnson, leader of "THE-THE band", Billy IDOL, i DO LOVE since i'm sixteen (He sings it: "Sweet Sixteen" ... ***), Tracy CHAPMAN, Alanis MORISETTE, Sarah Mc Lachlan, Loreena Mc Kenitt, INDOCHINE french band, U2, SINSEMILIA (All the Good of our World, for our Kids *** Wonderfull Song, so Optimistic for all parents, having been as positives enough to conceive, and create Kids, leaving in that So Creazy Down and rather awfull sometimes World ***

I need so much RELAXING these times Richard ....

Time is so Hard ....

I so often Cry ....


Or i wont succed in doing what i have to ....

It's also my Sohn's futur actually concerned, and as a parent you just can imagine how rough is it for me to be against the wall pushed down on my knees, near to fall down, what i can't allow for my so Loved Kid ....

I DO LOVE HIM SO MUCH, and just have to watch him  suffering these awfull days ....

Why some people act especially with fear, thinking " What happened sadly, has to happen again and again, with no possibility of Changing in a Good direction ... ???

Why do we sometimes, don't want to hurt others, "condamn" them, and then, have to receive so Bad Things back, putting us down on our knees, near to Death .... ?

Why beeing "Good" means so often, badly, in Facts, beeing "Stupid".... ???

Why do we have to Suffer down on this so beautifull earth however ???

I'm so Tired Rich', I need your coming soon album, to RELAX, APEASE my too quickly active and acting Mind, Body and Heart ****

Thank you, anyway to have chosen, to come back down with us again, to HELP US, cause you REALLY HELP US RICH' ****

I could NEVER THANK YOU ENOUGH FOR THAT HUGE GREAT GIFT TO HUMANITY, and one of the few things i can do, is to WRITE, cause HERE is one of MY HOLLY GIFTS, as WE ALL HAVE SOMe (Just watch in your Natal Karmical Card, whre "The Black Moon" is ....

It shows us, from the sign and "house" (part of your card, which is a part of each Human Life), Where, in what your So High Holly Gifts are ....

Go and see an Astrologist, explaining to you, your Natal Birth Card ....

It's very strange, so deeply true sometimes (Very Often in facts ...) ... ***

I don't remember at this very moment i write now, where your "Black Moon" is ....
I'll tell you later, that's the least i can DO FOR YOU, in sharing our Holly Huge Powerfull Gifts ***

I'm then, as Everyday Tired, too Much Acting ****

So time is coming to go to bed, and Relax ****

Love, Peace, Wisedom, and harmony, to YOU, YOUR LOVED ONES, the people you simply know and see, once or more frequently, and ALSO for EACH HEART, SOUL, SPIRIT, in this World, but also much more BRIGHTER Universe ***

*** LOVE YOU RICH" ***

Me dancing on Rich' songs i do like so much ***

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