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6 décembre 2009 7 06 /12 /décembre /2009 22:53
****************************************************** Religion frighten me ... Too many awfull things had been done, in the name of the Holly GOD .. Just see what happened to the Templars Knights, of GOD although... ***************************************************** King Philip Le bel, conviced the Pope present at this very awfull times, to leave/abandon them, and even to torment the latest Huge Master of templar: Jacques de Moley, just cause some of them had becomed friends with Muslims they learn to know & appreciate ...*************************************** Such an INTOLERANCE... Wishing you have THE REAL TRUTH, and the others are wrong ...********************************************* But "what is Truth, what is Right ? " as sing it so cleverly, Matt Johnson, leader of "The-The" band ? *******************************************************We just are simple men, we should never forget that, even when you become a Priest or Pope, or King, or whaterever glorious title you get, down on this Earth ....******************************************** I do prefer orientals Philosophies .... The KARMA's rules and Théory ...********************** But we're just FREE TO BELIEVE IN WHAT WE FEEL REAL & THRUE .... ******************************************************* Should never try to convince others we're right & they're wrong .... So many wars came out, that way of acting & feeling.... ****************************************************** LET'S BE TOLERANT, and accept, Reality may, perhaps,appears in very different forms, which are each real .... ******************************************************* And STOP BEEING FIGHTING ALWAYS FOR TRYING TO ASSURE WE'RE RIGHT .....****************************************** LOVE, PEACE, WISEDOM & HARMONY to Each Soul & Heart down on our material and rough world, but also for each "thing" existing in our whole Universe ....****************************** " *** NATURE IS THE LAW, baby ...*** "

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