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20 mars 2011 7 20 /03 /mars /2011 13:21


No soucy Man ***

Am more centred "Messianic" music kind(genre)
Richard Ashcroft or

" The The " Mind bomb Album with  "Armageddon days are here again"
The days of Armageddon are there again and


Which(Who) takes(brings) out the album "Are you ready": "when Christ will come back to earth, (...) I stand in Babylon and I wait, (...) I hope that you will be with us, (...) I am going to pray for that (...) "

And Matt Johnson who says in 1989, roughly " the Christians mobilize, (...) The Islam gets up (...) If Jesus Christ returned, he(it) would be killed by the C.I.A. The World(Monde) is on the knees, (...) He(it) is going to collect(harvest) what he(it) sowed(scattered).... God does not even go to the Church, would not send Bombs(Sprays) via the ezbolah (...) "

Powerful Words, SO TRUE...

Time has comed and the Holly High Fight has already begun ***

The time(weather) comes or is maybe déja come, for the high Spiritual Fight...

Without clashes, without Wars, without Violence, if possible...

Elites will agree to release(leave) the narrow summit of our Pyramidal Way of life: Babylon, the Big Prostitute,

Who destroys(annuls) so many Souls, Lives, Hearts and spirits?

They will give up concentrating everything between the only hands or

He(It) will accept with the Wisdom of him(her,it) after French Revolution, to Share with their Brothers, Sisters, and surrounding / surrounding Nature?

I wish it Ardently ***

I also pray, as Richard Ashcroft and his fans, whose 200 percent I am,

So that the World(Monde) evolves towards more Solidarity, Wisdom, the Universal Amur, Respect, the True Justice and Big Harmony ***

We have Everything for it ***

Then why not????

Creation on Paris at present of the Foundation "Evolution"

See possibly the page associated on facebook, as well as those of

*** Solid' era ***, "Butterfly" and "IF" *** Always on facebook *

Goodbye Brothers and sisters of galley(bad adventure) and also Big enjoyment and harmony, if we Get up, if we act Together, without fear because human rights are déja established for a long time and grant(tune) us déja many ****

Let us ask simply to our Elites der to respect the Human Rights on which they sit down Royal, at the risk of not leaving the other Solutions of the Humanity, that to Rebel...

What is strong Dômageable ****

The Wise men of him(her,it) after Revolution had understood well him(it) and it is good for it, that they had

Then discerned the Fundamental rights of The Man, with which they is written, in Human Rights they the same, that the Contempt, the Ignorance, the Disrespect of these rights,

Led to the Revolts of Masses and to the Corruption of the Governments ***

A word to the wise is enough my Friends, my Brothers and sisters of Pain and Happiness §§§§

Goodbye and

Get indignant  as recommends him(it) the writer

Stéphane Hessel,

Which(Who) participated in the elaboration in 1950

Amourt, peace, Wisdom and harmony in All and everywhere on earth(ground) and in the Universe **

And Useless to resort(turn) to the Psychiatry to make say to the representatives of Babylon via them puppets that those who think and so write are bipolar deranged persons and other associated pathologies,

    • To be better able to lock them and prevent them from continuing to Godspeller.....

      Because of it, they know him(it) down from their malignerie big (who is the cunning(malignant)? The devil!), the fine of their highly Inequitable and tyrannical Subjection *** would arise surement

      **** Very beautiful days my Brothers and sisters Human beings ****

      Prefer and be, please, Men and women of "Good"("Property"), and to stop accompanying and supporting Babylon in disastrous sound fate....

       ************* ***************

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Published by Clothilde-Mathilde - dans Solidarité-façon de vivre
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