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26 octobre 2009 1 26 /10 /octobre /2009 01:39

***** Seeangels ********************************

Such a pseudo & name.***************************

LOVE IT DEEPLY .... *********************************

To play with others feelings.... *******************

Yeah, that's an Evil preference... ******************

But FEAR is the Most powerfull destructive feeling down on this Earth ... ******************************

 We shoud be confident, when you put your Life & walk, into "The greatest Intelligence"'s hands .... May happened what has to ...******************* According to the superior GREAT WISEDOM...... ********* Everything is Good, for those who believe in, & confide; their Lives to "Te superior Intteligence" driving us so surely to our Paths,Ways, Missions & Aims ....*********************************************

I met a man few weeks ago... Handsome, clever, very attractive to me..... 32 years old, not 20 or 23/25 as the past ones ... My kid's father included ....*********************************************

I passed two nights with him, at his work place, rather than beeing sleeping, though i REALLY NEED TO, these very rough days.... ****************.

 Explaining him, & the one working with him also, his (their) natal Astrological card(s) .... He wanted to know more about .... So I GAVE ...... ******************************** Then i just asked, clearly, i was very tired, & would really need to relax & sleep, not especially all  together, then, YEAH .....TOGETHER, but not especially HAVING SEXE, JUST TENDERNESS, touching & beeing toutched ...*******************************************************

Though i know i please him very much, he's attracted (his pupills were wide opened, while watching me right in the eyes .....), ******************************************************* but he told me: "You said, you love a young man, named ROMAIN, who is "chizophrenic", still in hospital, since the beginning of the year...., & told me you wanted to stay faithfull....."."***********************************

Ok.... Said i.. Let's say it in another way.... I'm very tired these days, i need to relax, and would like to do it with you.... Not especially in having SEX..... Just beeing near each other..... We all need that..... It's very simple, & so HUMAN ....**************************************

He told me, while his pupills were so  wide opened: "I don't feel like doing it....." (!!!!)************************

 I asked: "What are you afraid about ? He said: "I'm not afraid....." (!!!!)......*************** He told me, he needed some time ** But i'm too passionated, to WAIT ....*********************** Or you just jump right at the very moment, with me, or YOU LEAVE ME ! THAT'S THE WAY IT IS  & NOTHING ELSE .....*****************************************

 Why men, are so often frightened when woman, start first, to talk about so simple things.... ????  Why do they have TO HURT OUR HEARTS BY SAYING NO, WHEN THEIR BODIES/EYES EVERYTHING SAY YES ?????  WHY PLAYING THAT STUPID GAME ????? .

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